Tax lawyer

RUIZ BALLESTEROS is an Accountants and Lawyers firm. We offer you excellent quality and comprehensive services that go beyond merely professional ethics.

At RUIZ BALLESTEROS, our team of accountants, financial experts and lawyers combine a high level of competence with an excellent quality. Our main line of expertise is in Spanish and Foreign Taxes, Real States and Business Consultancy.

At RUIZ BALLESTEROS, our team can approach your business from the legal and the financial angle. Our Firm offers consultancy on a wide range of operations and can plan your taxes to optimize costs.

We know that the business world moves at a fast pace. That is why we have the most advanced databases and a monitoring system that enables us to innovate and be instantly aware of any changes in legislation. You will appreciate the advantages we are able to offer.

At RUIZ BALLESTEROS, we are committed to life-long learning. We spend time and money on updating our databases and studying the laws and regulations that are constantly modifying current legislation.

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