Fiscal Crimes

For those companies without accountancy department, we offer services from high qualified professional accountants.

For those companies holding their own accountancy department, we offer our tax and legal assurance services to work hand by hand with your internal department and maximize all the possibilities that the law offers to reduce at the limit the effective taxation for your company, considering all aspects of your personal tax situation such as earned and unearned income tax, wealth tax and inheritance tax.

We are PAE (Special Point of Attention to the Entrepreneur), it means we can constitute companies in 24 hours by internet.

With all these services our clients optimize their resources and they get the maximum reduction in their payment tax.

Our services include:

  • Maintenance of bookkeeping records according to the Commerce Code
  • Completion and filing of quarterly and annual tax returns
  • Annual Reports and accounting books
  • Company formation registration and liquidation services
  • Legalization of the Minutes Book and Partners Register through the Trade Register
  • Management of electronic notifications from the Inland Revenue
  • Management of deferred payments through the tax office
  • Processing all type of certificates for any need required
  • Corporation Income Tax and payments on account of Corporate Tax
  • Analysis of your company’s tax position and advice on how to best manage your tax exposure
  • Revenue Inspections. Preparation and defense.