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Ruiz Ballesteros is a firm of lawyers and economists; their office has been based in Málaga and Marbella for over 15 years. They have a wide experience dealing with the legal, taxation, accounting and commercial aspects of our Spanish legal system.

We have an eminent business vision, reflected in the services we give to our clients. The companies know that a good tax advisor is an investment for their business and they consider Ruiz Ballesteros as the perfect traveling companion.

Continuous Formation to update our knowledge, Excellence, caring for every little detail and Ethic to be a solution today but also tomorrow, these are our business principals at Ruiz Ballesteros Lawyers and Tax Advisors.

We count with a professional team, all internal employees and that work exclusively for Ruiz Ballesteros, their knowledge covers each company area, in a way that we can provide a truly reliable solvency for every aspect that surrounds a company as well as all the national and international Taxation involved in them.

Come and visit us with no compromise. within our list of clients, we have individual clients, self-employed, medium companies and multinationals, and we treat all of them with the same respect and honesty.

“We are your best investment”

Ruiz Ballesteros

Ruiz Ballesteros Lawyers and Tax Advisors has offices in Málaga and Marbella
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Ruiz Ballesteros joined Geneve Group International (GGI) in 2020, a group of independent international auditing, accounting, law and consulting firms that come together to find the most appropriate solution for the client thanks to a wide international coverage operated by highest quality firms in more than 125 countries.