Banking & Finantial law

The practice of the banking entities consists in the massive and random commercialization of toxic and risky products, the inclusion of abusive clauses in contracts held with their consumers and the multiple calls of attention and fines received from the public regulatory organizations -Banco de España and the National Stock Market Commission- all this has shown the existing legal problematic of the Spanish Banking Law, the big differences with the relations between the business entities and the citizens, as well as the need to give friendly or legal solutions to the same.

With this purpose, the lawyers in the banking and financial legal department of RUIZ BALLESTEROS, provide the knowledge and experience from their participation in many procedures carried out against financial and credit entities.

Our Banking and Financial legal department in RUIZ BALLESTEROS has a wide experience in the resolution of procedures of those consumers that have seen themselves affected by abusive clauses, contracts and bad practice from the banking entities, as well as the refund of the amounts unduly charged by these banks.

After carrying out a detailed examination of the problem presented by our clients, we offer diverse solutions, which go from the extrajudicial negotiation with the bank, to the presentation of a legal demand and defense of our client’s rights, if they are either a company of a physical person.

Our services include, from the interposition of demands against financial entities up to the negotiation and closing of bank contracts with the same, assessment in the Materia of bank contracts, complex financial products, paying special attention to the abuses committed with the contracts between the banking entities and the client, and the legal defense to the users and signers for the incorrect contracting of mortgage base clause and the wrong application of the benchmark for mortgage loans (IRPH), within other cases.

Our Financial Legal department counts with a wide experience in business analysis, preparing business plans following the needs of our clients, company expansion projects or business valuations; all this leaded to offer practical and useful solutions to help those who trust us to receive external financing, to open their businesses to new markets, consolidate the existing ones, re-finance debts, maintaining the employment and general financial support to the companies.


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