Accounting and Tax declaration

For those companies without an accountancy department, we offer the service of a highly qualified professional accountant with university education and formed specifically for this job.

For those companies holding their own accountancy department, we offer our tax and legal services to work hand by hand with your internal department and maximize all the possibilities that the law offers to reduce at the limit the effective taxation for your company or group of companies, considering all aspects of your personal tax situation such as earned and unearned income tax, wealth tax and inheritance tax.

We are also members of PAE (Special Point of Attention to the Entrepreneur), which means we are authorized to constitute companies electronically, in 24 hours.

With all these services our clients optimize their resources and they get the maximum reduction with their present and future tax payments.

The accounting and taxation services include:

    • Accounting following the Commercial Code. Introduction of accounting entrees, invoices, bank movements and balance control.
    • All tax returns, quarterly, annual, EU tax and any other kind of tax reports.
    • We prepare and present reports that have to do with memory of society, administrator certifications and account books.
    • Constitution and liquidation of companies. Discharges, withdraws and changes of companies with Tax office and Social Security.
    • Inscriptions of Minute books, Partnership books and corporate scriptures, in the Commercial Register office.
    • Control and management of digital notifications with the Tax Office.
    • We obtain electronic certificates which are essential for all companies.
    • We deal with the tax office to negotiate postponements and debts, arrange payments and reply to the queries receive from the management and collection departments.
    • We deal to obtain all company certificates.
    • Declaration of income tax and split payments.
    • We study the corporate tax position in order to reduce tax payments, and make your company profitable.
    • We prepare and defend our clients for inspections from the Tax office.



Ruiz Ballesteros joined Geneve Group International (GGI) in 2020, a group of independent international auditing, accounting, law and consulting firms that come together to find the most appropriate solution for the client thanks to a wide international coverage operated by highest quality firms in more than 125 countries.

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