Buying and selling of companies

We have a Business Consulting department dedicated to the sale and purchase of companies.
Sometimes it will be to carry out the whole process of buying and selling a company and, in others, simply to mediate between the parties, as many companies hire us either to look for a buyer, investor or as their lawyers to represent them in the purchase or sale.

  • in a specific sector, leave us your data and a comment with the most important details, what you are looking for, approximate amount you intend to invest, location or any other detail.

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  • we can find potential buyers. We have a special section for the sale and purchase of professional offices, whether tax and legal advice, or just one of them. Explain to us what your company is like, number of employees, invoicing, etc.

    In any case, please know that, due to professional secrecy, confidentiality is guaranteed.

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