Ruiz Ballesteros is a firm of lawyers and economist that offer their services to the whole national territory.

QUALITY, EXCELENCE AND ETHICS are the hallmarks of our services at Ruiz Ballesteros. We offer optimal and appropriate solutions in relation to the idiosyncrasies and special needs of each client, without losing our professional ethics, which are the true foundation of our clients’ trust.

At RUIZ BALLESTEROS we understand that the only way of being the best and staying in this position, is by following professional ethics and the quality of our work that will lead us to the professional recognition that our customers grant us with and that other firms of the competition recognize us.

Our policy of BUSINESS CONSULTANCY is people-based. We get to know our clients ‘companies as well as they do. We study their possibilities of expansion and always offer solutions. That is the reason our clients trust us so much, and this is the key to their growth.

At RUIZ BALLESTEROS we do not content ourselves with routine statements. We care for that our customers grow in size and profitability, as our professional recognition depends on this, for this we study the needs, propose solutions and assist our clients in the development of different business plans that adapt to their business need and industry, obtaining for them solidity and business solvency, the two keystones of sustained development.

At RUIZ BALLESTEROS we are convinced that the only way to meet the needs of our clients and offer the best solutions is to provide COMPREHENSIVE SERVICES that are cross-cutting and coordinated. Our team is formed by professionals who are able to cover all you fiscal, legal, accounting, labour, financial and preventive needs.

A profitable and efficient company should not only deal with problems once they have appeared, but must be aware of the importance of a PREVENTIVE ADVICE. At RUIZ BALLESTEROS we anticipate and analyse the possible consequences that may arise from our clients operations, by guiding them preventively day by day, and assisting them in the preparation and development of their strategic plans.



Ruiz Ballesteros joined Geneve Group International (GGI) in 2020, a group of independent international auditing, accounting, law and consulting firms that come together to find the most appropriate solution for the client thanks to a wide international coverage operated by highest quality firms in more than 125 countries.

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