Financial - Taxation

We defend taxpayers, whether they are companies or individuals, in all types of tax procedures and taxes: VAT, Personal Income Tax, Corporate, ITP-AJD, Special Taxes and any others.  

The processes can also be very diverse and we work throughout Spain without limitation, we have solicitors in all jurisdictions, so we cover: 

Our lawyer-economists have extensive experience in administrative proceedings that usually lead to legal proceedings, either in the Contentious or Criminal jurisdiction, as they are known as Criminal-Economic proceedings, such as, for example:

And many more… 

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Ruiz Ballesteros joined Geneve Group International (GGI) in 2020, a group of independent international auditing, accounting, law and consulting firms that come together to find the most appropriate solution for the client thanks to a wide international coverage operated by highest quality firms in more than 125 countries.

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