It´s true that all Companies are able save money with all their movements, but specially with those that have influence with the Tax department, which is, with no doubt, the star department for which all type of companies choose Ruiz Ballesteros as an allied when they are looking for security and confidence when they need to apply tax law, as we are specialist in Spanish and International Tax law.

The prove of this, is that all kind of companies, going thru small companies, multinational companies, and also individual people, contract our services.

Our experimented team of lawyers and economists are specialized in all of the following operations:

  • Fiscal Declarations of all taxes.
  • Cases of double taxation national and international.
  • Permanent or punctual assessment in taxation material.
  • Assessment in operations of transmission, mergers, acquisition, change of European social address and company restructuration.
  • Fiscal control in negotiations and contracts, as for Due Diligence of company studies.
  • Company valuations.
  • Transference prices: study and documentation.
  • Defense towards tax inspections, appeals, and claims via administration and judicial.
  • Procedures of management, collection and fines from the Tax Office.
  • Study and confection of all type of tax reports heading to optimize and reduce the cost of the operations, or simply to make a decision knowing all the possibilities.
  • VAT and its specialties.
  • Local Taxes: all the local taxations and their casuistries.