Commercial and corporate law

The specialization of the professional team of RUIZ BALLESTEROS in the area of commercial and corporate law, allows us advice companies of all branches in this area, as well as to offer an integral solution to the legal needs during the social life of the company.

The commercial and corporate advice of RUIZ BALLESTEROS includes professional support during the legal live of the company, starting from the constitution, going thru the reform and actualization of the company deeds and internal regulations, the increase or reduction of the social capital, and ending with the company’s complete dissolution and liquidation, either for voluntary reasons or as a consequence of a bankruptcy procedure. Also the analysis of the legal matters, and in general, the support or the direct dealing with the different administrations or other company governing organs, is part of our activity as lawyers in this area.

The team in charge of the Commercial and Corporate law department in RUIZ BALLESTEROS has also supported the Commercial courts, acting as Bankruptcy Administrators in various bankruptcy proceedings and have brought to court many bankruptcy proceedings, reaching the approval of agreements or the dissolution and voluntary liquidation of the company.

In the same way, the Commercial and Corporate law department in RUIZ BALLESTEROS, as lawyers, experts in new technologies, offer specialized legal services to cover all the digital presence and activity of the companies, this has allowed our lawyers to get to know well the legal challenges for digital economy and the company needs raised from the information and communication technologic law.

Our work, as lawyer’s experts in new technologies, is mainly focused on the prevention and the normative compliance, as we are specialized in the Technologic and Digital Compliance, helping our clients to carry out the right legal actions to reduce the economic penalties (and even criminal) risks related to the privacy and data protection, electronic market, digital contracting, intellectual property and/or informatics security.

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