Administrative law

Our professionals advise, in all the procedures related to the Public Administration, from the State, autonomic or local, to both public and private clients.

Their wide experience with the Public Law allows the Administrative Legal department of RUIZ BALLESTEROS to provide an efficient legal assistance. For this we offer legal assistance for all kind of administrative procedures, as well as also act towards the contentious-administrative jurisdiction in all instances.

Our object is always to reach a beneficial solution to our client within the less time as possible.

The experience is this area has been reached by the advice to our clients with the defense of their wrights towards the Public Administration, involved in the application of authorizations, licenses, administrative concessions, building partnerships, issuing opinions in administrative matters, acting in disciplinary procedures of Administrative Law, or the presentation of legal claims for liability management from the Administration.



Ruiz Ballesteros joined Geneve Group International (GGI) in 2020, a group of independent international auditing, accounting, law and consulting firms that come together to find the most appropriate solution for the client thanks to a wide international coverage operated by highest quality firms in more than 125 countries.

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