Urban and Property law

Our proactive legal team has not stopped since their beginnings to negotiate, assess and manage property purchase operations for all individual or collective properties, and land plots, as well as the corresponding finance of these if necessary. Our office has managed many procedures of this type due to the strategic and high demanded area like is la Costa del Sol where we are situated and reaching the whole Spanish territory, solving all type of urban and administrative issues we have found on our way, giving us an integral attention in these operations. This experience situates us as specialist in this area, helping also foreign clients to invest in our country and making easier their implantation and integration in Spain thru this market.

The management and redaction of rental contracts of all type of properties and constructions is also a very common practice in our office, which requires a special attention at the writings and a good assessment as we are experts in this area.

Some of our both national and international clients look for the resolution of the conflicts related to the transmission of property actives, promotions and urbanizations, towards which we offer a complete team of professionals to asses you in a specific and multidisciplinary way in your operations, without leaving any aspect to revise.

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