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The law firm Ruiz Ballesteros absorbs Carrillo Asesores

Jesús Ruiz Ballesteros y Juan Carrillo en la firma pública para la absorción de Juan Carrillo y Asesores SL por parte del despacho Ruiz Ballesteros Abogados y Asesores Fiscales

Ruiz Ballesteros Abogados y Economistas has signed today the public deed absorbing the Marbella Carrillo Asesores. Thanks to this operation, the office increases its turnover by 50%, the staff by 33% and customer base by 97%.

In this way, Ruiz Ballesteros enters into business activities such as, cars rental, motor, automobile sector, decoration and construction. Business sector, which until now, Ruiz Ballesteros was not present. Because of both offices worked a complementary market both large companies and small and medium size companies.

The union of both merchants creates one of the major groups of the Costa del Sol that brings together professionals with experience in multinationals in the legal sector specializing in finance law, tax, commercial, banking, accounting and real estate operations or business restructuring.

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